Love at first sight

The moment I met you, I knew you were special. I have never connected with anyone the way I connected with you. You came into my life for a reason which I  for now, do not know the reason for it. But those two times we went on our dates were fun!  You were mysterious and easy going which Intrigued me. You made me laugh, we made jokes, we had misunderstandings and language barrier’s but that didn’t stop us from getting to know eachother. You made me realize that I can learn to love again and actually go on dates. I haven’t dated anyone or gave anybody the privilege of a date after a year of being single and learning to love myself brought me comfort and happiness. Thank you for exposing me to this type of attraction and I hope we can see each other again because we still have unfinished business.



imageThis was the last day I spent with this wonderful man. The day I felt my worst because I knew I wasn’t going to see him for a while. This is the day i knew things were going to change between  both of us. On June 9th, the actual day I said good bye to my lover, my best friend. Leaving me in hopes of a better future and on succeeding his goals. Time to be a grown man while I dwell in sorrow, feeling lost and confused. I said to myself “I’m going to truly miss this guy.” He’s taught me the value of life, introduced me to my inner self. I’m happy he put me in a better place. A place where I felt confident and capable of doing great things and he always told me to never doubt myself. He truly flipped my life around, and I am truly grateful for that. But saying good bye is ALWAYS so hard for me.Especially if it’s someone I care about and love. I can’t deal with the illusion of seeing him with others or forgetting about me. But I know he’s meeting his future self. I know he is going to make it big in this world. I can already feel the bern haha. “Matienzo the billion dollar earner, buying his first home”. I know things will change between us, but this can make us stronger. It gave me a different perspective on how I see things and how I have to also push for success, working at a minimum wage job in the mean while makes me not want to live that life, pay check after pay check every two weeks. I realized to myself that this here isn’t making me happy.  It’s difficult to sustain yourself. I told myself, If my man did it and moved out of his place and made the choice to move to a different country to make his dreams come true, then I can also do it. He didn’t have an idea of what he was going to do next, I mean he had choices and also made sacrifices, which was me … at that very moment when he told me ” I don’t do long distance,” then  asked for a break, I broke down, I then realized I wasn’t in his vision and thats that.  What moved me was that he found a solution to his problem and that there was brilliant to me. That there showed me independence, it showed me that anything is possible. All you have to do is find solutions and make things happen. I know this man is going to return …   ❤

Millie’s Cafe

This place is located in Silverlake and Sunset. Millie’s cafe gives a great portion of food for an affordable price. But the customer service wasn’t that great. The waiter had us waiting for a while. We also asked for salt and ketchup and he just gets it from the table next to us ( when there was clearly a couple enjoying their meal) we felt uncomfortable asking them again so we just ate our food how it was.

Border Grill

Button Mash


A great location to enjoy gaming, food and have delightful beer. I definitely recommend this place. It’s a little over the edge, but all the games are twenty-five cents. Located in Echo Park, Douglas street.

The Haunted Hayride


The Haunted Hayride is a must see attraction, located at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. Every year they switch themes. They have spooky mazes, and an awesome hayride that takes you around the old zoo. They also have some spooky characters roaming around scaring people. If I were you I’d check this place out. 

The Perch .

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The Perch is a French Restaurant located in DTLA. It is located in top of a building where you’re amongst the beautiful skyline of Downtown LA. It’s great for Happy Hour. The food is great but the portions are extremely small but definitely worth every penny. 

Yamashiro …

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A beautiful location to have your birthday, anniversary, wedding or anything in general. You might be lucky enough and find yourself a special someone like my Best friend did. This was last year on my 21st birthday. It was a splendid night to spend with great friends and my significant other. It is a mix of Asian and American Cuisine. It is also located in the Hollywood Hills, kind of hidden but phenomenal location.